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Graduation Day

- Written by Stephanie Hrbacek

p 01378Tyler Rork, Kent Baer, myself, Mitch, and Jason Coffey
Graduation Day, 1996 on Kent's back deck. 

Kent's mom, Justin, took the picture. 

Everyone in this picture, save for Jason, was at Justin's memorial service last month...Mitch and I sat next to each other.  When I said goodbye to him that day, I just said "I'm sure I'll see you soon!"  I'd been running into him all over town, it was great!  How could I know that would be the last time I'd see him?!  ...even though we hadn't see each other in years, he was always so kind and thoughtful. 

I remember we had Spanish together in Middle School.  Mrs. Zeller's class.  I would see him at the climbing wall at GAD gym, too.  I remember the day Matt Underhill told me Mitch was going to climb El Capitan for his senior project!!  Absolutely amazing!

Tahoe won't be the same.

Thank you, Mitch!
Peace to you. 
Give Rory a hug for me up there...

All my love to the Underhills,
Stephanie Hrbacek

"we must each lead a way of life
 with self-awareness and compassion,
 to do as much as we can.
 then, whatever happens,
 we will have no regrets."

-his holiness the dalai lama