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Mt Tallac with "The Girls"

- Written by Sandi Schaffer

thegirls"The Girls" as we called ourselves decided to hike Mt. Tallac. I can't remember how old Mitch was, but from the looks of the picture, he appears to be around 8 yrs. old.

We left at the crack of dawn and started out with a hearty breakfast at Ernies. We hiked with the kids many week-ends, but this was a big hike for us. I remember Matt and Mitch running ahead on the way up. It took a long time for us to get to the top where we rested and had lunch. I recall we probably rested a little too long and decided if we didn't leave soon, we would be walking back in the dark.

The return trip was not met with as much enthusiasm as earlier in the day. I was walking right behind Jody, when I heard Jody say to Mitch "Stop that crying Mitch and keep walking. I am not going to carry you down". This went on for the last two hours of the hike. She just kept saying "keep on walking......keep on walking."

treeLooking back, Jody and I would always laugh about that day and how this same boy grew up to hang off of "Half-Dome" and climb much higher peaks.

I loved that boy who grew up to be a great man!

This loss for Sarah, Mason, Cedar and all the Underhills is unimaginable. Larry and I offer our deepest, heartfelt condolences.

Sandi and Larry Schaffer