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Powder Laugh

- Written by Andy Kaufer

One of many...

Mitch and myself were on a ski trip to Utah with some of the boys from the FD and we had this great townhouse just outside of Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. We had just finished an incredible 1st day of powder skiing at Powmow. Just Mitch and I were sitting in the hot tub, (with trunks on) and it was dumping out and we were re-hashing the days runs, favorite lines etc. There was a moment of silence and then Mitch started laughing his infectious laugh, which got me laughing and after a few minutes I asked what was so funny? He pointed off into the sky and said, "we get to do it again tomorrow" and we stared laughing uncontrollable again.

I loved that guy and his zest for life.  Miss you my brother and I hope there are endless powder runs in heaven, (and no gapers).

Andy Kaufer

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